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There is so much information on the internet!

The following are some web sites I have found to be particularly helpful and user-friendly when navigating through nutrition information for you and your family...


Nutrition Information for Kids
USDA for Kids

Comprehensive site from the US Department of Agriculture


Great site for kids and their parents. Includes healthy and delicious recipe ideas too...


Information from health experts for Parents, Kids and Teens

Dole 5 A Day

This site is filled with fun activities designed to motivate people to eat more fruits and vegetables and be more physically active!

Other Favorites, including Great Recipe Sites
Pregnancy and Parenting: For Today's Mom

iVillage's site for comprehensive information on pregnancy and parenting

The Child Care Nutrition Resource System

Provides recipes, resources, and information on preparing nutritious meals and food safety. Sponsored by the USDA's Child Nutrition Programs.

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Loads of information - sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration


Healthy lifestyle, nutrition and weight management information. Features Harvard Medical School's Consumer Health Information.

Mayo Clinic

Medical and Health information from the Mayo Clinic

Recipe Source

This site offers a beautiful array of recipes for many different ethnic dishes. The recipes are organized into two major groups - ethnic cuisines by region, and recipes by type of dish.


This site makes meal planning easy! You can search on brand name food ingredients if desired.

All Recipes

Extremely comprehensive recipe web site. Among other features, it allows you to search recipes by ingredients.

Recipes for Kids

"All Recipes" section for kids...